Using Our Unique Patented Process! Instant Benefits Include: 

  • Improve Your Patient’s Overall Satisfaction
  • Create a safe and serene experience for your patients
  • Tap into the power of rhythmic entrainment to stabilize body rhythms
  • Shown to reduce the amount of medication needed before, during, and after surgery
  • Allow your patient to block out any unwanted operating room noise and conversations
  • Block out surgeon’s music which is usually upbeat and faster tempo
  • Provide a cost-effective solution that shortens your hospital stay
  • Help orient patient post-surgery, essentially a catalyst to the recovery process and improved efficiency

What We Offer

The American population receives local and general anesthesia with great frequency.   Many people assume that the process is entirely safe. The truth is that problems associated with anesthesia range from frequent headaches, nausea and vomiting, to systemic toxicity, to death (estimated 5 per million)

[1]. With roughly 40 million people receiving some form of anesthesia per year in the United States alone, this mortality rate may seem high. However, when compared to the 1 death per 10,000 administrations that occurred in the 1950sand 1960s, it is obvious that the science of anesthesiology has made great strides.

These strides have allowed the average person to fear the blade or the condition requiring anesthesia much more than the sedative drug itself. However, the problem is that even with the marked advancement of the science, anesthesiology ranks 7th of all medical specialties in terms of indemnities paid. An average of 34% of all claims made against anesthesiologists close, with a staggering $362,000 indemnity paid per physician[2].

We offer a simple, natural technique that you can use to reduce or eliminate the pain and side effects of surgery – and recover in less time.

[1] Preventive Action. The Quarterly Risk Management Newsletter for Policyholders of APAC. Q1 2004[2] Mortality Associated With Anesthesia. http://expertpages.com:80/news/mortality_anesthesia.htm

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