If you are a hospital administrator or president of a medical/medical device company, you know how important reviews are! I certainly rely on product reviews, physician reviews, and reviews of service providers.

When I first created Surgical Serenity Solutions back in 2005, (known then as Healing Music Enterprises) the internet was still pretty new and internet marketing was really just getting started for small businesses. We were mainly just focused on getting our messages out and in our case, we were trying to scour the internet for medical and surgical research that had focused on the use of music as an analgesic and an anxiolytic agent.

We were also educating medical professionals about the difference between music therapy and music medicine because most people thought the terms were interchangeable. We were trying to get our U.S. Patent approved and jumping through lots of hoops to prove that our headphones were safe in a surgical setting.  All of these things were accomplished by 2009.

Then we began hearing about the importance of patient reviews and physician and hospital reviews so we set out to garner some of those.

To our delight, the positive and even glowing reviews began rolling in, many times without even asking for them! One of our first was from a physician in our city of Louisville, KY who had heard me speak at a local medical meeting and ordered the headphones for her upcoming surgery. Apparently she was concerned that she might get some flack from the surgeon or other OR staff but here’s what she told us:


Sandra Elam, MD at Lifespring Inc.
Dr Alice Cash’s earphones designed for surgery are the highest and best thing you can do for yourself if you are facing surgery. I had had a failed bowel resection (colectomy) , then an ileostomy. I was in no way prepared for those surgeries and they were terrible. Using Dr. Cash’s headphones for the third and reversal surgery was a completely different experience. The surgeon as well as the anesthesiologists were impressed, and said that it made their work easier!! I don’t know why everybody doesn’t wear them into surgery!

This was double powerful for us because Dr. Elam was speaking both as a patient and a physician!

Another patient had the problem of being slow to wake up from anesthesia after surgery. This happens more often than you might think, especially among those who are either elderly or have multiple serious health conditions. Here is was Mary Jo told us:

“In August 2014 I had gall bladder surgery. I was apprehensive since I was so slow to come out of the anesthesia during past surgeries. I never saw the inside of the recovery rooms. It took so long they just moved me on to the post-op room. I used the Surgical Serenity headphones for a couple of weeks prior to the surgery, plus before and during the surgery and recovery. Prior to the surgery, my blood pressure was lower than normal and I woke up in the recovery room for the first time ever! I highly recommend these headphones to anyone preparing to have surgery!”